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Monica Shriver is a Nashville-based multi-instrumentalist, composer, music educator, and visual artist who performs regularly in a number of musical settings ranging from traditional big bands to modern rock groups to collaborating with singer-songwriters and MC's on saxophone, flute and clarinet. Shriver leads the Monica Shriver Quartet, which draws on a wide variety of jazz traditions and styles. The MSQ’s concerts are often presented in tandem with Shriver’s abstract visual art, resulting in a unique and powerful experience of sound and sight. She is an active and sought-after improvisation and composition teacher and clinician for all instruments and ages. She has an active private studio of students taking lessons in-person and online. Monica Shriver is also the co-founder of Brave Musician - - an arts initiative which facilitates communication and positive interactions between musicians of all levels by providing workshops, a blog, a podcast, and networking opportunities for those seeking to empower, develop creative confidence, and improve musically in inclusive and diverse environments free of judgment, bias and negativity. 

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