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If you would like to support Monica, her single is available now for a "name your own price" (minimum $.99)! It is a high-quality wav file (not an mp3). All funds will be used for studio costs for her session in December. Help her make more music! 

"I Wanna Go Nowhere With You" was released on 11/20/22. You can stream on Spotify, Apple Music or purchase on iTunes by following this link

Thank you for all the love and support! 

I Wanna Go Nowhere With You

Monica Shriver Quartet

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I Wanna Go Nowhere With You

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Monica Shriver - Tenor Sax, Composer, and Artwork
Matt Endahl - Rhodes w/ pedals
Jon Estes - Bass
Derrek Phillips - Drums

Recorded April 20, 2022
Recording Engineering and Mixing by Jon Estes
Mastering by Parachute Mastering

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